Vehicle Accidents Cases in Oregon

Truck Accident: A client was rear-ended by a semi-truck while stopped on the highway. The accident caused severe injuries forcing the client to retire because he was no longer able to physically handle the work. Paul engaged both a local trucking expert who was the former president of the state’s trucking association as well as a vocational economist expert to investigate the case.

It was discovered that both the company and driver violated several FMCSA regulations, including failure to properly maintain the truck, failure to train drivers and violation of daily driver hour limits. Ultimately, the case resolved with an undisclosed six figure settlement for the client. See our resource on what to do after a truck accident.

Bicycle Accident: Paul recently had a bike accident case where his client was hit by a car turning left as the client was crossing the intersection from the opposite direction. Sadly, his client suffered a traumatic brain injury and did not remember a single fact from the accident. And the only witness was the driver, who of course claimed client was at fault. But using local and state bike laws, an accident reconstructionist expert, and aggressive cross-examination of the driver, Paul was still able to recreate what happened anyway.

He successfully proved the driver was at fault. Paul’s client went from getting nothing to being compensated for her medical costs, property costs and pain and suffering. See our resources on rights bikers have in Oregon.

Negligence Cases in Oregon

Man Scalded By Hot Bath at Hotel – Client was staying at a hotel. He drew a bath and got in. Turned out the water was scalding and he received third degree burns over 70% of his body. Other personal injury attorneys rejected his case, stating that he should have tested the water first. Paul Galm took the case and had the plumbing at hotel inspected. Turned out the hotel had removed a safety device on the water heater to save money, even though it was required by code. Client healed and returned to normal after about a year. The case was settled for six-digits. See our premises liability and negligence resources.

Woman Scarred During Laser Hair Removal – Client received a laser hair removal treatment from a local Oregon business. During the treatment, she was burned by the laser and her burns turned into permanent discoloration and scarring down her leg. The injury attorneys at Paul Galm’s office did extensive research into the rules, regulations and guidelines for the laser hair removal industry and the specific laser equipment used and determined that the laser tech was negligent in her training and use of the laser machine.

What Personal Injury Clients Say About Our Service:

I was rear-ended while turning in my own neighborhood in Aloha near Beaverton when a car rear-ended me and totaled my car. Turned out the driver was distracted looking at her cell phone and texting while driving. I had shoulder surgery for my rotator cuff and had months of physical therapy. Paul helped me deal with the insurance company and got them to pay. I liked that he always called back and seemed happy to talk – not annoyed.

Andrea L.

I got hurt while driving on Tualatin Valley Highway near Hillsboro – just a small rear-ender with some whiplash problems. My injuries got better in 4 or 5 months, so it was not a huge case. But Paul did not treat me or my case any different just because it was a smaller case. He always called me back and answered my questions. I felt comfortable with him from start to finish.

Millicent T.

Paul went above and beyond for us after my husband was injured in an accident. He was thorough, attentive to all aspects of the case, and kept us informed of all of our options. He brought in experts and carefully examined who was responsible for the accident. What I really appreciated was when other lawyers would have given up, Paul continued to fight for us. We would seek Paul’s counsel again if we needed legal representation.

Jill E.

I was hit by a bad driver while driving on Grand Avenue near I-84 and the Rose Garden after leaving a Portland Trailblazers game. My car was totaled and I injured my back. The injury radiated pain down my leg and sapped strength. Despite treatment and physical therapy through Providence Medical Center, I did not get better. I went back and forth with the bad driver’s insurance, but got nowhere for almost a year. Within a month of hiring Paul, the case settled for the full amount available under the bad driver’s insurance policy – a six-figure settlement.

Terry Ann F. 

I was involved in a nasty car crash where I was hit while riding a bike. When I first called Paul, rather than making me come to him, he came to my home. This helped since my injuries made it hard to move around at the time. He sat there for two hours and talked with me about the accident, my injuries, how the process works and his opinion of the case. I felt comfortable with him from the start and still call him today whenever I have a legal question.

Larry D. 

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