personal injury prevention tips

Summer in Portland has finally arrived, which means we’re spending most of our free time outdoors. Unfortunately, emergency rooms also know this as “trauma season.” Some of the most common summer pastimes and activities pose hidden dangers that can send people to the hospital. We’ll break down three common summertime personal injuries and offer summer safety tips for an enjoyable season.

Bicycle Injuries

If you have children, you’re probably all too familiar with bicycle spills as they find their footing on two wheels. High speed and negligence can also lead to more severe accidents or traumatic brain injuries. Portland also has a high number of bike commuters, so both drivers and cyclists have to watch out for each other to avoid bicycle accidents.

Stay safe on the road with these injury prevention tips:

  • Wear a helmet – model safe behavior to your kids as they learn to ride bikes.
  • If you ride at night, wear reflective gear and use bicycle lights.
  • As a driver, keep an eye out for cyclists, and drive defensively.

Lawn Mower Injuries

While these might seem uncommon, emergency rooms actually admit over 80,000 people per year due to lawn mower injuries. Surprisingly, children are at the greatest risk of injury. Surprisingly, children are at the greatest risk of injury because people might not see them in the lawn mower’s path.

Promote lawn mowing safety by following these tips:

  • Don’t wear flip flops.
  • A lawn mower is not a toy – don’t let children ride on it with you.
  • Clear the lawn of rocks and branches that can become projectiles if struck by the mower.

Playground Injuries

At least 10% of children treated for playground injuries are tested for concussions, according to the CDC. Many of these injuries happen on monkey bars and swings, so it’s important to remind your kids about safety when playing on popular playground equipment.

Help your children avoid playground injuries by doing the following:

  • Supervise them on the playground.
  • Check for soft material beneath the equipment, such as wood chips or rubber.
  • Ensure kids are of appropriate age for the playground equipment.

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