(Image Source: PBOT)

According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, more than half of deadly car accidents in Portland occur on just 8% of our streets. Learn more about Portland’s High Crash Network from personal injury attorney Paul Galm.

Determining Portland’s High Crash Network

There are 30 streets included in the City of Portland High Crash Network, including the top 20 high crash streets for driving, the top 20 for bicycling, and the top 20 for walking.  High Crash Network Intersections experience the highest number of reported collisions, with the rankings reflecting three metrics:

  1. Total number of accidents
  2. Accident rates
  3. Total value of collisions.

In other words, these streets and intersections experience the highest rate of serious accidents in the city.

Streets & Intersection in the High Crash Network

Here are some of the most popular streets and intersections involved in the high crash network:

  • SE Division Street
  • SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway
  • SE Foster Road
  • W/E Burnside Street
  • SE Powell Boulevard
  • N/NE Marine Drive
  • NE/SE 82nd Avenue
  • SE 122nd & Stark
  • SE 82nd & Powell
  • SE 122nd & Division

How to Protect Yourself in Portland’s High Crash Network

As part of Portland’s Vision Zero Program, many streets in the High Crash Network are being evaluated and updated to prevent automobile, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents. These streets have certain factors in common, including limited street lighting, wide lanes, fast-moving traffic, long distance between signals, unprotected bike lanes, and unprotected cross walks.

As the city of Portland begins to take care of these problems, it’s important that drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists be especially vigilant when they’re in these areas. In addition to be being extra careful, it’s important that all Portlanders obey Oregon’s new distracted driving laws, pedestrian right of way laws, and Oregon biking laws, especially in these areas.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident in Portland, contact Paul Galm today!