The costs and attorney fees during a personal injury case depend on several factors. Factors such as severity of injury, availability of evidence, number of witnesses and people involved, and number of expert witnesses require, contribute to the litigation process and the bottom line cost of your case.

In almost all cases, personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which is simply a percentage fee of any recovery.   A contingency payment is our method of charging attorney fees as it makes the litigation process less stressful for us and our clients.  If we lose for whatever reasons, the client does not have to worry about paying attorney fees to my firm. Also, because the initial consultation is complimentary, you won’t pay any additional fees unless you choose to pursue the case in court.

Other major methods of payment in a personal injury case

You might pay a retainer fee up front in order to ‘retain’ a lawyer, which comes in the form of a written contract determined by you and the lawyer upon taking the case. Keep in mind that retainers are usually used for more costly legal matters—this option is the least common way to pay for your attorney fees in a personal injury case, but there are exceptions.

Some lawyers prefer to be paid by the hour depending on the case. If you go that route be sure to speak with your attorney about the estimated length of time the case will take. Attorneys may charge anywhere from $100/hour to $1,000/hour depending on their level of expertise. Because personal injury cases take many twists and turns, it can be difficult to estimate just how many hours an attorney will need to work on evidence gathering and case building.

How much do I walk away with should I win my personal injury case?
This is a difficult question that is dependent on many variables.  Average personal injury lawyer fees in Oregon are between 33% and 40% of the total recovery amount, with the possibility of additional court fees and costs, such as the cost of an expert witness.  In addition, any recovery must be used to pay off any liens or amounts owing, such as medical costs.

After the initial consultation work with your lawyer, your responsibility is to provide your lawyer with the proper documentation to build a successful case. After your attorney receives their fees, you can use your settlement to pay for medical bills, insurance fees, auto repairs, and other expenses resulting from your injury.

Seeking a Beaverton personal injury attorney?
If you think you may have a case and would like the consultation of a Beaverton based personal injury attorney, consult with Paul Galm. For years, he has helped Oregonians win their personal injury and other cases. Read more about their experiences here.