Car Accident Injury Claim

Don’t miss out on your rightful claim just because you didn’t know what to do in the event of a motor vehicle accident. To increase your odds of winning your case, follow these tips when making a car accident injury claim and take advantage of a free consultation at Paul Galm Law.

Assess the Damage

In the event of a car accident, your first priority should always be to make sure anyone who needs immediate medical assistance gets the care they need. Once you’ve determined that no one is in immediate danger, you can move forward with the process of documenting the damage. If your car is drivable and is blocking traffic, it is okay to move your car to the side of the road or to a nearby parking lot.

Especially with bodily injury claims, it’s important to make sure to obtain as much information as possible about the accident. Take photographs of the damage and any injuries, notate the exact date and time of the accident, and be sure to exchange information with the other party. Remember: You should never admit fault at the scene of the accident.

File a Police Report

While it’s always important to file a police report in the event of a motor vehicle accident, if you or anyone involved in the accident may be injured, it is essential that you file a report and request a copy for your own records.

Visit a Doctor Within 24 Hours

Even if you don’t feel like your injuries are severe, you should still be sure to visit a doctor within 24 hours of the motor vehicle accident, as some injuries aren’t immediately apparent and insurance companies might argue against your case by questioning why you waited so long to seek treatment.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Before calling your insurance company to make your car accident injury claim, be sure that you have the following information:

  • Policy Number
  • Policy Start & End Date
  • Date & Time of the Car Accident
  • Driver’s License & License Plate Numbers for all Drivers
  • Name, Addresses & Phone Numbers for all Drivers
    • If possible, include this information for all passengers and witnesses.

Notate Everything Related to Your Injury

If you end up having to miss work or any other scheduled activity, be sure to keep track of these events in writing. This will be especially helpful if you end up needing to file a lost wages claim.

Hire an Attorney

If you’re in an accident, especially one with bodily injury claims involved, you should consider hiring an attorney who specializes in car accident claims to help expedite the process. An auto accident attorney like Paul Galm knows what actions to take and to avoid in the first few days and weeks after the motor vehicle accident, and can help determine if you have a strong personal injury case.

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