As a personal injury attorney, I often have to deal with jurors misconceptions about soft tissue injuries caused by a car accident.  It seems that thanks to insurance companies tort reform rhetoric, the term soft tissue injury has become synonymous for nonexistent injury or greedy plaintiff.  This in part due to the fact that soft tissue injuries often cannot be treated with surgery and therefore are characterized by insurance companies as subjective or exaggerated.

However, recently in the news has been the story of Sidney Crosby, a professional hockey player in the NHL, has been diagnosed with a soft tissue injury that has kept him out o a lot of games. star said Tuesday he’s been diagnosed with a soft-tissue injury in his neck that mimics the symptoms of a concussion.

Crosby and Penguins owner Mario Lemieux met with spinal trauma expert Dr. Alexander Vaccaro in Philadelphia on Monday to review a series of recent tests on the 2009 NHL MVP. Vaccaro determined an MRI and CAT scan indicated no evidence of a fracture in Crosby’s neck — as had been rumored during All-Star weekend — instead confirming a California doctor’s diagnosis that Crosby is dealing with a soft-tissue injury. He missed more than 10 months last year after taking head shots in consecutive games in January, 2011. He returned on Nov. 21 and scored 12 points in eight games before going back on the injured list.

Frustrated by his slow progress, Crosby traveled to Los Angeles last week to visit noted spine specialist Dr. Robert S. Bray, who examined Crosby and treated him with an injection to alleviate swelling in the neck.  Crosby also met with chiropractic neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick in Atlanta earlier this month to deal with lingering motion issues, saying he was “happy” with his response to Carrick’s treatment.

Your normal NHL hockey player, like Crosby, is big, tough and used to physical bone-jarring hits everyday.  So to hear that Crosby ­ like so many of my motor vehicle accident clients ­ has been completely debilitated by a soft tissue injury gives me hope that perhaps the public will see soft tissue injuries for what they really are ­ life altering injuries that can effect all aspects of a persons life indefinitely.  If you or a loved one has been victim of a car crash, feel free to call for a free consultation today.