The term personal injury is fairly ambiguous and can cover many different scenarios and types of injury. If an individual has been hurt, either physically or emotionally, due to negligence or an intentional act by another person, the injured party can hold that person responsible.

If you or a loved one has been injured, we can help you determine who is responsible, hold them liable for the injury and get you the compensation you deserve. As a Portland personal injury attorney for over 15 years, Paul Galm has successfully handled all kinds of personal injury cases from car accidents to slip & fall accidents. Time after time, Paul helps clients get the full compensation they deserve.

Victims often have a lot of questions after they are injured and are unsure of how to proceed with a personal injury claim. These are a few of the most common questions that will help prepare you for the next steps.

1. Should I accept an insurance settlement? Do not accept any offers for settlement until you’ve spoken with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Portland. Insurance companies will often respond to a demand letter with a low offer, much less than you deserve. This tactic can be a starting point for negotiation but should never be the final resolution.

2. Is there a time limit to file a lawsuit against the person who injured me? There are laws called statutes of limitations that dictate the amount of time you have to file a claim. If you do not file a lawsuit within that timeframe, you will not be eligible to receive any compensation for your head injury. Statues of limitations vary from state to state and by type of claim, so to see if you are still eligible to pursue compensation, contact Paul Galm today.

3. How much will my settlement be? A Portland personal injury attorney can help you determine your potential settlement after going over the specifics of your case. Settlement amounts can range greatly depending on:

  • the type case
  • the parties involved
  • the injuries sustained
  • the medical bills incurred
  • the long-term effects of the injury

A qualified attorney can help you determine exactly how much you deserve and fight for you to receive full compensation for your injuries. Call Galm Law today at (503) 641-6000 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Portland personal injury lawyer. We charge no fees, unless we win your case.