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With Oregon’s growth comes an increase in personal injuries. And not just car crash injuries, but in places you may never expect it – apartment complexes, grocery stores, public bus, and MAX – even at a Timbers match or the Nike Campus.

These personal injuries can be devastating unless you hire a thoughtful and experienced personal injury attorney who can make sure you won’t get victimized again by insurance companies.

3 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

  1. Deal with Medicare – Many state and federal agencies are bureaucratic nightmares. Medicare is no better – and perhaps even worse. As a matter of federal statute, Medicare is entitled to reimbursement from the liable party for all amounts Medicare paid out to treat a victim’s injuries. Failure to pay Medicare back can lead to liability for the victim, the victim’s lawyer and even the liable party who has notice of the lien. Therefore it is important for a personal injury lawyer to start that dialogue with Medicare early, especially because it often takes Medicare a long time to respond. Galm Law will deal with the bureaucratic red tape and hopefully negotiate down any Medicare lien.
  2. Deal Medical Liens – A large part of what a personal injury attorney can do for a client is negotiating down, medical liens, or treatment provider invoices at the end of the case. Every dollar that the lawyer saves from going to the medical providers, in turn, goes into the client’s pocket. Also, there are laws in Oregon that force health insurers to reduce their medical lien.
  3. Deal with Your Insurance – Part of the hassle with auto accident cases is not just dealing with the bad driver’s insurance – it’s dealing with your own insurance too. But you cannot just blow off your own insurance since noncooperation can be grounds for denying coverage. An automobile accident lawyer will help keep on top of your insurance and get them what they need. Also, many times your own insurance will stop PIP payments for your medical costs, arguing that the medical costs are not reasonable or necessary – or related to your accident. A personal injury attorney will navigate these sorts of problems for you.

Paul C. Galm

Our Experience

For 15 years, Paul Galm has litigated personal injury cases in the Portland metro area. He has compassionately represented injured crime victims, wrongful death cases, premises liability and of course car crash cases. Paul’s uncompromising approach to representing his clients who have suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence has earned his clients millions. What Paul takes most pride in is treating each client like family. This is how Paul gets most of his cases – by referral from former clients.

Call today for free legal advice if you’ve been injured and need legal counsel. All calls and consultations are free, regardless of whether you hire Paul.

Why You Need An Attorney

Unlike some other areas of the law, negligence cases are matters that are difficult to handle on your own. Here are the top reasons why you need an attorney to help with a personal injury case.

  • There are many different laws that may apply – There are many different kinds of negligence and personal injury cases. Because the evidence in these cases may require familiarity with other areas of knowledge such as engineering, physics or medicine, these cases are hard for a person without special training to handle. An attorney experienced in this area will develop a “theory” of the case to guide his/her argument on your behalf.
  • There are no forms or self-help programs to guide you – Because this area of the law is one that legal experts believe is difficult to handle yourself, there are no forms or programs developed by the courts or legal aid organizations.
  • You will need expert witnesses and evidence – In order to be successful, you will need to decide which areas of the case will need expert witnesses and be able to locate, evaluate, pay for and define the issues for expert witnesses.
  • You will need to use “discovery” – This refers to a special set of legal rules and tools that can be used to find out information from the people, agencies or companies that you will sue.  It includes depositions, document requests, subpoenas, FOIA requests, admissions, and interrogatories.
  • Your case is likely to settle without a trial – Most cases of this type are settled after the case is filed but before the full trial on the merits of the case. Aside from the challenges of representing yourself on an emotional issue, many personal injury cases involve an argument that there has been some level of incapacity as the result of the defendant’s actions or negligence. It will be hard to make that argument if you are handling the case yourself.


I had a case that other attorneys would not even talk to me about once I told them what happened. Paul investigated the case for months and checked out every angle on his own dime, and even though he determined he could not go forward with a lawsuit, he negotiated down my medicals out of the kindness of his heart.

Larry D.

I was involved in a nasty car crash where I was hit while riding a bike. When I first called Paul, rather than making me come to him, he came to my home. This helped since my injuries made it hard to move around at the time. He sat there for two hours and talked with me about the accident, my injuries, how the process works and his opinion of the case. I felt comfortable with him from the start and still call him today whenever I have a legal question.

Terri Ann F.

I was hit by a bad driver while driving on Grand Avenue near I-84 and the Rose Garden after leaving a Portland Trailblazer’s game. My car was totaled and I injured my back. The injury radiated pain down my leg and sapped strength. Despite treatment and physical therapy through Providence Medical Center, I did not get better. I went back and forth with the bad driver’s insurance but got nowhere for almost a year. Within a month of hiring Paul, the case settled for the full amount available under the bad driver’s insurance policy – a six-figure settlement.

Bill Z.

Case Examples

  • Man Scalded By Hot Bath at Hotel – Client was staying at a hotel. He drew a bath and got in. Turned out water was scalding and he received third degree burns over 70% of his body. Other attorneys rejected his case, stating that he should have tested water first. Paul Galm took the case and had the plumbing at hotel inspected. Turned out the hotel had removed a safety device on water heater to save money, even though it was required by code. Client healed and returned to normal after about a year. The case was settled for six-digits.
  • Woman Scarred During Laser Hair Removal – Client received a laser hair removal treatment from a local business. During the treatment, she was burned by the laser and her burns turned into permanent discoloration and scarring down her leg. The injury attorneys at Paul Galm’s office did extensive research into the rules, regulations and guidelines for the laser hair removal industry and the specific laser equipment used and determined that the laser tech was negligent in her training and use of the laser machine.