Wrongful Death Case Oregon | Gloria Joya

Image Source: Oregon Live

While it serves an incredibly worthwhile cause, the foster care system is sometimes imperfect. When the system fails the people it’s supposed to protect, as it did in the case of Gloria Joya who died from severe gastrointestinal problems while a ward of the State, it’s essential to investigate what happened and how to prevent something similar from happening again.

That’s why wrongful death attorney Paul Galm took on this case. According to records, Gloria lived a life filled with years of abuse and neglect, and the ensuing stress contributed to gastrointestinal issues that weren’t properly treated and eventually led to her death. After the state’s own investigations, it was determined that The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) failed to intervene to protect Gloria, even after 28 points of contact over 13 and a half years, including reports of physical abuse, missed school, parental methamphetamine use, and an array of other disconcerting claims.

DHS closed many of these reports at the point of screening, without completing any further investigation. In fact, they didn’t remove Gloria from her mother’s custody until less than a year before the girl’s death.

The state of Oregon agreed to pay 1.25 million dollars to Gloria’s estate for her wrongful death lawsuit. While financial compensation cannot make up for their loss, we hope Gloria’s family and friends can find some closure and that this will serve as incentive for the state to fix issues within Oregon foster care program.

Making sense of a wrongful death case can be incredibly challenging, especially as you mourn the loss of your loved one. Don’t hesitate to reach out to wrongful death attorney Paul Galm. Not only will he provide the legal assistance you need to receive maximum restitution, but he prides himself on being a compassionate, caring lawyer who is fully committed to assisting you in any way necessary. Contact us today for your free consultation, and be sure to check out our legal blog for more information about wrongful death lawsuits in Oregon.