A few months ago, we highlighted the new Oregon distracted driving law, which went into effect in October 2017. This law closed loopholes that limited cell phone use to hands-free devices for phone calls and texting, extending them to any function on a phone that requires holding or touching.

Additional Changes to the Distracted Driving Law in Oregon

Starting July 1, 2018, Oregon is rolling out stiffer penalties for drivers who continue to use their cell phone while driving. To increase highway safety, lawmakers have increased the distracted driving fine, as well as increasing the potential for jail time.

While the penalties have increased from the October 2017 law, what constitutes distracted driving remains the same. Any task that requires you to physically hold the phone in your hand must be completed only after pulling over or parking.

Here’s the updated penalties you can face for distracted driving in the state of Oregon.

First Distracted Driving Offense

With the new distracted driving fines, a first offense that does not contribute to a car accident is considered a Class B violation with a maximum fine of $1,000.

Second Distracted Driving Offense

If you’re caught using your cell phone while driving for a second time, or if your first-time offense results in a collision, it’s considered a Class A violation. In this case, you’re looking at a maximum fine of $2,500.

Third Distracted Driving Offense

With a third-time distracted driving offense, you can face Class B Misdemeanor charges, a fine up to $2,500, and up to 6 months in jail.


Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents in the United States, and Oregon transportation officials attributed over 10,500 crashes statewide to distracted driving between the years of 2012 and 2016. Simply adhering to distracted driving laws in Oregon could help prevent car accidents and even save lives. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a distracted driver, Contact Paul Galm today.