hit and run accident tips

Getting in a car accident is an unfortunate situation, but not being able to exchange information with the other party can be even more frustrating. A hit and run accident happens when the driver who caused the accident flees the scene without stopping to exchange information with the victim. This can make it especially difficult to reach a settlement. We’ve compiled some tips and advice for reporting a hit and run accident.

Collect Information

After making sure everyone in your car is ok, you’ll want to take notes at the accident scene, so you can provide more detailed information to police and your insurance company.

Vehicle Information

Note the make, model, and license plate number of the car that hit you if it doesn’t speed away too quickly. You can include this in a police report to make it easier to track down the driver.


If the accident happened during the day, chances are that witnesses were around and can help provide additional information. Take down their names and contact info, as well as any immediate details they can offer. If need be, you can call on them later to assist in your hit and run claim.

Accident Details

To file the most thorough insurance claim you can, take pictures of the scene and of any damage inflicted on your car during this accident, including any paint left from the other car. This will help prove that you’re not attempting insurance fraud.

File a Report

Call the police to file a report while the accident is still fresh in your mind, ideally on the same day. Even if they cannot identify the other driver, they will have a record of the incident on file which can also help speed up your claim process.

If you have the identity of the driver, you might be able to find their policy with the help of your own insurance company. However, many drivers who flee the scene do so because they don’t have proper insurance. Your uninsured motorist coverage can usually help cover the damages in this case.

A personal injury attorney can help you figure out next steps after a car accident. He or she helps determine whether you have a case and works to reach an appropriate settlement with insurance providers. If you’d like to discuss a Portland hit and run accident you’ve been involved in, contact personal injury attorney Paul Galm today.